Pensioner died after being run over by her own car

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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A Wickhambrook pensioner died after a neighbour helping her reverse her automatic car released the handbrake and it lurched backwards over her.

Susan Tovey, 74, was trying to move her Ford Fiesta out of a tight parking spot on Emily Frost Close, Wickhambrook, at around 7.20pm on Wednesday when neighbour Ray Featherstone, 72, offered to help.

Mrs Tovey climbed out of the car and stood behind it as Mr Featherstone got in.

But the vehicle had been left in gear and shot back and knocked her down.

Mr Featherstone desperately tried to stop the car shooting back but he got caught in the door as it reversed back and was dragged a short distance along the ground.

Mrs Tovey, who had been on her way to a local pub to play bingo, was killed instantly.

Mr Featherstone, a retired pub landlord, said: “It’s really hit me now, mentally.

“I’m all aches and pains, but I’m over that.

“She’s not there anymore, I feel awful, to be honest.

“I feel terrible. Why did I have to go to the window?

“I lay there for 30 seconds afterwards and I was scared to move, thinking ‘am I paraplegic?’

“I was so lucky, if I’d gone the other way, the car would have gone over me.

“I knew she wasn’t well but she was a little fighter and I really admired her for that.”

Paramedics and police rushed to the scene but were unable to save Mrs Tovey.

Mr. Featherstone had hospital treatment for shock, needed stitches in a gash on his head and was left with cuts and bruises on his arms, legs and back.