Pay drop threat given to council staff in Bury St Edmunds councillor claims

Refuse collectors at work on the Mildenhall Estate in Bury.
Refuse collectors at work on the Mildenhall Estate in Bury.
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Binmen and other frontline workers at St Edmundsbury Borough Council have been told to prepare for a pay cut, a councillor has claimed.

Just a week after we revealed how top earners at the council were among the 44 per cent of staff that have had pay rises, Cllr David Nettleton said staff have been told to brace themselves for a pay cut.

“If it does happen it is bound to damage morale,” said Cllr Nettleton.

The council is moving towards a single pay line, terms and conditions for its staff who will be shared with Forest Heath District Council.

Cllr Nettleton said it was his understanding that St Edmundsbury staff earned more that their counterparts at Forest Heath.

And he said he believed the two councils planned to lower the pay of St Ednundsbury staff, to bring them inline with the Forest Heath equivalents.

“I’ve been told that staff at St Edmundsbury have been put on notice that they are likely to have a pay drop,” Cllr Nettleton said.

The move which comes just a week after it emerged that almost half of staff had been given a good performance bonus of 2.5 to five per cent.

A council spokesperson said the pay review was to ‘address the situation where people doing the same job, in the same service, are treated differently’.

She said St Edmundsbury had already agreed the single pay-line move while Forest Heath would discuss it next week.

The councils will then move into a ‘period of consultation and negotiation with Unison’.

“The details, including the impact on individuals, come later once we have a proposal that both sides are happy with,” the spokeswoman added.