Pavilion must improve safety

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RED Lodge Sports Pavilion requires building work and regulations to be put in place after it failed a fire safety audit on ten points.

The pavilion, on Hundred Acre Way, is used by local sports groups and as a social meeting place.

Red Lodge Parish Council, which has run the pavilion since February, was told to address the concerns following an inspection by Suffolk County Council.

A report, sent to the council in May, lists the failures which include failure ‘to take such general fire precautions as will ensure the safety of employees’.

Of the 10 points outlined in the report, Red Lodge parish councillor Lee Holman said two had been met and work to address the others was ongoing.

Other issues raised included the training of staff and the opening direction of doors.

If doors are not adapted the capacity of the function room, when the doors are closed, will be capped at 60, limiting the use of the space.

Red Lodge parish councillor, Carol Downs said the council’s vision was for the pavilion to become a social hub, bringing the community together.

The work to meet the fire regulations would be completed, she said.

The council is legally obliged to address the report’s concerns and a further inspection will take place at a later date.