Parking ban planned to combat ‘inconsiderate’ hospital staff

Suffolk County Council wants to impose a two hour ban on parking weekdays to stop people parking in streets around West Suffolk Hospital - Barons Road
Suffolk County Council wants to impose a two hour ban on parking weekdays to stop people parking in streets around West Suffolk Hospital - Barons Road
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A parking ban could be enforced in streets around West Suffolk Hospital in a long awaited ‘compromise solution’ to combat ‘inconsiderate’ parking by staff.

Suffolk County Council plans to introduce the ban in a number of residential streets from noon to 2pm Monday to Friday to stop hospital staff and visitors from leaving their vehicles outside peoples’ homes.

The authority will ask residents in streets such as Barons Road, part of Hardwick Lane, Rembrandt Way and Vinery Road whether they support the proposals in a one month consultation.

The move, which would apply to all vehicles, follows numerous complaints about the issue to councillors Sarah Stamp and Patrick Chung.

County and Borough Cllr Stamp said: “Complaints about inconsiderate parking by hospital staff on residential streets is the issue I receive most correspondence on.

“It’s definitely not going to solve the problem completely because there isn’t a simple solution.

“I guess this is a compromise - it’s solving most of the problem while still allowing for occasional visitors at the hospital and dog walkers to park their car.”

She explained that residents have different concerns over the matter depending on the area. Cllr Stamp said: “In Rembrandt Way people are very concerned about safety with buses getting through. In Barons Road it’s about people not being able to access their homes.”

She added that hospital bosses have been ‘very helpful’ on the matter but ‘unfortunately people are parking inconsiderately’.

Borough Cllr Chung said residents were ‘a bit annoyed’ about people parking infront of their houses.

However, County and Borough Cllr David Nettleton warned the move cold create a ‘bigger problem’ as hospital workers will ‘move their cars a few streets further away from the total exclusion zone’.

A hospital spokesman said: “We are aware of the situation. We have been working with the residents and the council regarding this issue, and we will continue to do so.

“We do remind staff, if they are parking in nearby streets, to park with consideration to the residents. We have always done that, and will continue to work with them.”

A consultation questionnaire will be delivered to homes around the hospital next week and a drop in session will be held at Southgate Community Centre on Wednesday September 18 from 1pm to 7pm.

The streets where the letters and questionnaires will be distributed include:

Barons Road

Boon Close

Caulfield Close

Canterbury Green

Chichester Close

Croft Rise

Ely Close

Farm Close

Fallowfield Walk (part)

Hardwick Lane (part)

Hardwick Park Gardens

Heron Road (properties accessed from)

Holywell Close

Ilex Close

Lincoln Green

Maid Marion Court

Mayfield Road (part)

Rembrandt Gardens

Rembrandt Way

Runnymede Green

Salisbury Green

Sharp Road

Stonebridge Avenue

Vinery Road.