Parish’s vision for skate park

Risby village feature.
Risby village feature.
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Risby Parish Council Chairman Derrick Abrey has described plans to build a skate park in the bustling village.

Derrick, who has been chairman of the council for more than 20 years, said the plans for the park were still in the early stages.

Risby village feature.    The village hall.

Risby village feature. The village hall.

He said: “It is at the point now that they are looking for funding for the skate park, it is an ongoing project.

“It is for the youngsters in the village, it is part and parcel of the plan for the community.”

Darren Matthew, who writes the village newsletter, The Stile, said: “We are still in the planning stages and need to get quotes for this skate park.

“Some of the youngsters approached members of the parish council and raised the question of whether something like that could be done.

Risby village feature.   The war memorial.

Risby village feature. The war memorial.

“The parish council took it forward and it is now being organised jointly between the village hall charity trust and the council.

“We are getting the quotes from people for the project and once we know what the budget is, we will look at fundraising and getting money from grants.”

Derrick said the hub of the community was the recently refurbished village hall and that real effort was made to keep it as busy as possible.

He said: “We have lots of regular clubs and activities happening at the village hall.

“We have Zumba nights, brownies, model car racing, a painting club and the Risby Singers to name but a few.

“The village hall is split between a big hall and a smaller hall.

“It means we can have multiple activities going on at once

“We can have dog training classes in the big hall and WI or a council meeting in the small hall at the same time.

“With the facilities we have got, the upkeep and expenses are always going up so the more we can make use of it the better.

“They have done a tremendous amount of work refurbishing it recently.”

For details of clubs and activities at the village hall visit www.