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Village Focus - Bacton village sign
Village Focus - Bacton village sign
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Bacton Parish Council chairman Paul Howlett says although the village is large and diverse it retains a strong feeling of community.

The village hosts a range of community activities throughout the year including a popular annual flower show.

Village Focus - Bacton Church

Village Focus - Bacton Church

Last year saw the village come together to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with a fireworks display and a big garden party.

And 2013 will be another busy year for the parish council with plans to update the children’s play equipment on the village’s playing fields.

Mr Howlett said: “We had all the jubilee celebrations last year which were very well attended.

“Bacton is a large and diverse village with a lot of agricultural employment.

“But it is now becoming more transient with more people working in London and commuting.

“There are between 800 and 1000 people living in the parish but we still have a strong community feel here.

“We are aiming this year to apply for grants to update the children’s play equipment in the village.

“It is something the parishioners have wanted for a long time but we have had to secure the lease on the land first before we can apply for any finances.

“We need to apply for grants to fund it but we couldn’t apply until we secured a five year lease on the grounds.

“We had to get that all in place this year as the lease was coming to an end.

“But now that has been arranged I am hopeful that the new play equipment will go in this coming year.”

One concern villagers have is the news that Bacton Middle School is due to close this year as Suffolk County Council moves to switch the education system from the three-tier to two-tier model.

Mr Howlett said: “There has been consultations at Bacton Middle School which is due to close.

“It is a shame really for the whole village.

“The schools brings employment to the area, teachers, cleaners, assistants - and there are only a certain number of jobs to go around.”