Parents pack school meeting

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THE head teacher of a Catholic middle school earmarked for closure in two years’ time put forward an alternative proposal at a meeting this week.

St Louis Middle School hosted a special parents meeting on Tuesday which gave parents the chance to comment on the East Anglia Diocese proposal to make the switch to two-tier education ahead of the rest of Bury St Edmunds, where Suffolk County Council has put the move on hold until at least 2017 due to a lack of money.

The diocese says that because other towns such as Haverhill and Sudbury, which feed into the Bury schools, have already begun the switch to two-tier education, it needs to press ahead with the move in Bury now.

But parents and teachers say that will leave the school out of sync with the rest of the town and unable to take part in local middle school sports, drama and music events.

Head teacher Anne Mansfield presented an alternative option at Tuesday’s meeting which would see a federation collaboration of schools – the middle school would still close but what it has to offer would be maintained, she said.

“It’s not about going to two- tier, it is about how and when,” she said.

“We are working together as a pyramid to try to find a solution together. We are in a very difficult situation as a pyramid.

“We had tremendous support from parents at the meeting. It was humbling to see so many parents there.”

The diocese is still consulting on the move and Mrs Mansfield said whatever happened the needs of the children must come first. See her proposal in full at