Paediatrician’s sentencing for multiple sex offences concludes today

Myles Bradbury
Myles Bradbury
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A paediatrician who sexually abused young boys with cancer had two spy pens with more than 170,000 images of patients, a court has heard.

Myles Bradbury, formerly of Herringswell, left the secret mini cameras in his coat pocket to take images of boys but failed in his bid to capture indecent shots.

Bradbury, 41, has admitted abusing 18 gravely-ill children in his care at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, between 2009 and 2013.

John Farmer QC, prosecuting, told Bradbury’s sentencing hearing on Friday that his abuse of his position of trust was extreme.

He told Cambridge Crown Court how the spy pens - with 170,425 images - were an illustration of the depth of his depravity.

Bradbury was a consultant haematologist who would secretly abuse the children while their unsuspecting parents would sit on the other side of a curtain.

In most cases he would isolate the children on their own and intimately touch them and get them to masturbate for him.

He frequently got them to strip naked and told them he needed to feel their testicles and measure their penis in ‘legitimate’ medical examinations.

He was caught after the grandmother of one of his victims reported him in November last year when the child told her what had happened.

Bradbury, who has a young daughter, was suspended from the hospital and police later found 16,629 indecent images and 20 videos on his computer and his two spy pens.

Mr Farmer told the court: “The defendant cared for a number of children who were either seriously ill, recovering from a serious illness or being managed in long term illnesses.

“The combined effect of illness and treatment can lead to concerns in relation to pubertal development and in particular a need to monitor genital and sexual development.

“It was this aspect of care that enabled the defendant to exploit his position to indulge in his sexual conduct.

“These are prescribed procedures for the relevant examinations. Up until a certain age, another person, usually the parent would be present throughout.

“The defendant, through the trust he had acquired, circumvented the procedures and encouraged a number of young patients to see him alone.

“It was these circumstances under the guise of legitimate examinations, he went entirely beyond the bounds.

“He took the opportunity of fondling the boys’ genitals and encouraging them to masturbate in his presence and obtain erections.

“When he had failed to exclude the parent, he simply carried on behind the curtain behind which the boy had gone to remove his clothes.”

Referring to the spy pens, Mr Farmer said: “It is only mentioned to give focus to the fact that sometimes he would leave the boy alone behind the screen but he had his camera still there which he no doubt always hoped would capture that which he did not see himself. In that, fortunately, he was apparently disappointed.”

Mr Farmer said Bradbury began working at Addenbrooke’s in 2008, but his interest in child pornography began during his training years earlier.

He said the pornography on his laptop dated from 2007 and included fictional stories of adults having relationships with children.

In mitigation, Angela Rafferty said: “These offences were not penetrative, no violation to that level happened to any of these children.”

Judge Gareth Hawkesworth retorted: “They were not penetrative physically but they were psychologically.”

Ms Rafferty continued: “As he went through puberty this man repressed his homosexual tendencies and has gone on to lead an unconventional life.

“He accepts it’s repugnant and he knows he will get no understanding and will get no acceptance because what he did was unforgiveable.

“He did some good in his role. But that was the life that allowed him to commit these offences.”

She added: “He may never see his child unsupervised again. She will grow up with the shadow of this case upon her life.

“He has brought this on himself. He wishes to apologise to the children, their families and his colleagues for his betrayal.”

Bradbury has pleaded guilty to 22 child sex offences. He has also admitted one count of voyeurism, one of making 16,629 indecent images and another of making 20 indecent films of children.

He was remanded in custody as the sentencing hearing was adjourned until today.