Overflowing Bury st Edmunds dog bin gets emptied after BFP inquiry

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A favourite walk for dog owners in Bury St Edmunds, that had become littered with dog waste, has now been cleaned up following enquiries by the Bury Free Press (BFP).

Bags of dog waste had been collecting around an unemptied dog bin located along the River Linnet, behind Maltward Avenue.

Dog owner Ed Smith said it was ‘disgusting’ and ‘revolting’ to see the bin ‘full to the brim’ and overflowing this week, with bags also thrown onto the riverside and in nearby woodland.

He said: “I consider it increasingly unacceptable that issues such as health (ie dog waste) and safety (i.e the appalling condition of the pavement in Westley Estate) are slipping further and further down the priorities of our councils.

He added: “The conditions the general public have to contend with in simply walking around this town would be condemned in any work environment. This is unacceptably wrong. Unless I and others who feel the same way don’t speak up (over and over if need be) then the norm will simply spiral our standards lower and lower.”

A council spokesperson said: “This bin is our responsibility and we apologise to anyone who has tried to use it, or just had to pass it, for the regrettable state it was in.

“As soon as we were notified through the BFP, we went out and cleaned it up.

“We are looking into why it was missed and will keep a close eye on it to make sure it is kept clean.”