Original Status Quo drummer joins Redgrave band to cap tribute to Rick Parfitt

Original Status Quo drummer John Coghlan (centre) with Redgrave-based rock band Walkway. Submitted photo.

The original drummer for legendary rockers Status Quo is playing with Redgrave’s Walkway in a tribute to the late Rick Parfitt.

Walkway had already supported the likes of The Darkness and Black Stone Cherry before arguably their biggest break, opening for Status Quo at Quo’s shows in 2014 and 2015.

Original Status Quo drummer John Coghlan. Submitted photo.

But after Parfitt’s death in December at the age of 68, Walkway’s manager Michael Ready said the band were “devastated” at the loss, and planned on recording a version of his song, Rain, on their next album, in his memory.

To cap their tribute, original Quo member John Coghlan has performed the drum track for the song.

“When Rick died it was a blow in two ways, because we were going to be working with him this year and his solo project, which was going to put Walkway up a league, and because he was such a nice bloke,” he said. “I thought I would try to contact John Coghlan for our tribute.

“He said he knew about our connections with Rick and he said he would like to do it, and it would be a really nice tribute.

He was so down to earth and such a nice guy, and we were absolutely gutted to hear about his death

James Ready, lead guitarist, Walkway

“We chose Rain because it is a popular Quo song, and it was one of the songs that Rick solely wrote.”

The band joined Coghlan in Oxfordshire on Sunday to record the drum track for the song, which will feature on their latest album.

Michael expects it to be released in June or July of this year and has high hopes for its popularity – a snip of video showing James [lead guitarist James Ready] playing one riff amassed 7,000 views in just 48 hours.

“I think that album is going to be quite an eye-opener for a lot of people,” he said.

Walkway, pictured with Rick Parfitt.

“I feel the album we are releasing is our strongest musically.”

James added: “It is quite an honour for us that John [Coghlan] wanted to be part of it and he was happy to come along and drum for us.

“We knew Rick Parfitt from the gigs that we did for Status Quo and we had some good chats with him.

“He was so down to earth and such a nice guy, and we were absolutely gutted to hear about his death.”

Walkway with Status Quo.

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