WEATHER WATCH: September 16 was wettest day – again!

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Bury St Edmunds meteorologist Alan Messem reports on September’s weather.

-- Bury St Edmunds River Linnet rainfall for September 2016 / Location – 1 mile west of town centre.

-- Height above MSL 46 metres. Grid Reference TL 836638

13mm fell from only five days of rainfall in the first two weeks of this September and the first wet day was the 7mm in the afternoon and evening of the 3rd.

The wettest day of 28mm was on the 16th (surprisingly the same date as in September’s 29.2mm last year) and is the 2nd wettest for at least 25 years. Only 0.2mm of slight rain and drizzle fell for most of the following day. The next rain was at breakfast time on Sunday 25th and only 3.0mm fell in the rest of the month.

So, out of the 46½mm, 35mm fell over only two days.

This September was the 3rd month in a row with below average rainfall - making the total from the 1st July only 98mm (nearly 4”) from only 19 “wetdays” with more than 1mm - average is 155mm (over 6”) from 25days - The last same below average period like this was back in 1997 with as little as 64mm (2½”) from 18 days. By huge contrast, last year, in the same three months, 31 wetdays dropped nearly 230mm (9”)! With the memorable flooding on the 15th September 1968, a huge 333mm - over 13”- was recorded in the same period in the Bury St Edmunds’ Abbey Gardens.


-- Rainfall was 46.6 mm – 91% of 1961-1990 Regional Average from 7 days with more than 1mm – one day less than average.

--There were only 12 days with significant rainfall of 0.2mm or more.

-- Wettest 24hrs 28.0mm from 0900 hrs GMT on the 16th.