We should all give Liam’s fight some careful thought

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If your son or daughter required a new liver/heart/kidney to continue living a full and active life, I’d imagine you would welcome the UK organ donation scheme with open arms.

Strange, then, that there is a wait for organ donation in many cases and that so many viable organs are lost each year.

We have a system under which citizens have choice - we opt in to organ donation. The presumed decision is an opt out.

Now a Bury St Edmunds campaigner – who has received two life-saving liver transplants – has met the town’s MP as part of his efforts to see the opt-out organ donation scheme introduced in England, flipping the whole system on its head.

Liam Byrne is calling for the introduction of the presumed consent system of organ donation, which was implemented in Wales in 2015.

MP Jo Churchill welcomed the opportunity to lend support to Liam in his campaign – and it’s something we should all take a sensible view on.

Could there be a better gift once we die than to help a stranger live a better life? That’s quite a legacy.