We can only hope for a good clean fight

Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
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Do you think the Queen was shocked when David Cameron popped his head around the door this week?

“There’s going to be an election, Your Majesty – and I hope to back to see you in early May to chat through forming a new Parliament.”

One might have been amused but not in any way surprised as the election roadshow has been gathering pace for many months now.

Nationally and locally, the 2015 election is likely to bring changes. We know, for example, that Bury St Edmunds will be getting a new MP – it’s up to us what colour rosette the MP wears.

In Number 10, will one colation government be replaced by another or will one party gallop home on its own?

Whatever colour rosette you decide to wear, it would be nice to think all candidates will fight fairly, focus on the issues which affect us all and then follow through on pledges.