Watch as comedian Kirsty Hudson takes on the Rubbish Diet challenge

rubbish diet comedian kirsty hudson
rubbish diet comedian kirsty hudson
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She’s done the Ice Bucket Challenge and now she’s taking the RUBBISH DIET challenge!

And phew, I think we’re all relieved that doesn’t involve pouring the wheelie bin over her head, especially when you witness the honk of her old rubbish.

So please give a huge welcome to Bury St Edmunds fabulous comedian, Kirsty Hudson, who was brave enough to let Suffolk’s Bin Doctor, Karen Cannard, rummage through her rubbish!

Taking a break from the stage at the Comedy Market, here’s Kirsty’s first mission: How to become a Recycling Pro. What will she do with that old that toothbrush? And will she be up for tackling food waste next week? Click play and follow her journey, which also features her first video diary!

More information about what can be recycled in Suffolk or your local area can be found by signing up to Rubbish Diet challenge.

In just a few weeks, you could be on your way to a lighter bin too.

Click to watch the video: