View from the saddle ruined by rubbish

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Litter and the countryside just don’t mix.

In an effort to prepare for the onslaught of Christmas, I’ve been getting out and about on my bike in recent days.

The thing which has struck me has been the amount of rubbish which scars our green and pleasant land.

I start most of my rides from Moreton Hall, in Bury St Edmunds. Generally, I’ll head out to Great Barton Holy Innocents Church at some point as it’s such a pretty spot. Last week on a particularly blowy day, I sat under the mighty oak tree and was mesmerised as a hail of acorns peppered the ground.

Then there was the ‘road block’ caused by a litter of noisy piglets as I made my way out of Moreton Hall along one of the National Cycle Network pathways.

That was the litter which made me smile – the other did not.

The discarded shopping trolley at the edge of Kempson Way niggled for a start, but the low level littering (a can here, a wrapper there) is a blot on our landscape.

Yes, it takes effort to put rubbish in the bin – but it takes little time and is far better than the alternative we are left with at the moment.

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I now know how Bush, Gorbachev, Thatcher, Clinton and Blair must feel.

Last night, St Edmundsbury Borough Council invited me along to the ‘Bury Summit’.

World peace was not on the agenda – but the welfare of Bury certainly was and I’ll report back on progress in a future column.

Barry Peters is editor of the Bury Free Press

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