The rubbish ideas of the selfish few

John Henderson
John Henderson
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You must have noticed our campaign to clean up the unsightly graffiti around Bury St Edmunds, and I hope you will actively support it if you live in the town.

But spare a thought for those who have to put up with the rural equivalent, which can be far more damaging than spray painted inanities. Fly tipping not only despoils our countryside but can pollute waterways, threaten wildlife and, even, damage human health ­— there have even been cases of asbestos and chemicals being dumped.

Why dump it here when you can get rid of it legally for free. ENGEMN00120130212145750

Why dump it here when you can get rid of it legally for free. ENGEMN00120130212145750

It costs West Suffolk about £18,000 a year to clean up after fly tippers, but that is only the tip of the bin bag. The councils only have to clear it up on public land. If someone dumps it on your land, the clean-up bill is yours.

We have had everything dumped in the countryside around our home from bags of used nappies through building rubble to a stolen cash machine.

Now, I can understand someone not wanting to take the cash machine they JCB-ed out of a convenience store to the county recycling depot to dump it legally, but why do it with household rubbish?

For example, someone has dumped bags of household rubbish, a mini-wheelie bin, paddling pool and other toddler toys in a ditch about half a mile from my home.

To do that they have driven at least three miles from the nearest village when, if they went about three miles the other way, they could have taken it to the recycling depot near Mildenhall.

So, they have driven further to risk thousands of pounds in fines and damage the countryside when they could have saved petrol and dumped it free. In addition, anything recyclable would have been recycled.

And why dump usable toys when any charity shop could make money out of them?

People do not even have the excuse anymore that they ‘didn’t know what to do with it’, unless they are too stupid to use Google.

At least graffiti painters have enough social awareness to want to make a statement, however annoyingly unoriginal it may be. Fly tippers are simply too socially backward to see how selfish and damaging their actions are.