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Recent weather patterns probably make many of us wonder if this is due to climate change. Or are they just part of the normal variations in our climate that occur over the years?

In the words of some, 2012 will be remembered as the wettest drought ever!

What is widely accepted is that emissions of carbon from our daily activities contribute to the greenhouse effect which leads to a slow but definite increase in the temperature of our atmosphere. That has potentially profound effects for the environment we live in and enjoy.

For the last three years, Green Light Trust has been working with its partners to help a range of Suffolk organisations measure and reduce their carbon outputs.

The Low Carbon Champions project which recently closed for new applications has been hugely successful. The organisations taking part have nominated employees, ‘Champions’, who help their business and their colleagues make efficient use of energy, materials and other resources.

Work starts with an audit to assess the use of resources and develop an action plan. The Champions are then supported with a mentoring programme to help them drive forward the necessary changes. Grants have been available to help with modest capital investments that support efficiency improvements. Organisations taking part are also able to gain recognition through the award of the Suffolk Carbon Charter.

To date, 46 of the organisations taking part have been awarded the Suffolk Carbon Charter (ten at the highest, gold level). And 23 of the organisations have been recognised in the top 100 green businesses in the region.

Recently a number of the participating organisations got together in Great Barton to share their experiences and celebrate their successes. They all agreed that being Low Carbon Champions had made good business sense and saved them money.

But perhaps most importantly, they were united in their determination to continue to reduce their environmental impact. That is an excellent outcome!

Suffolk organisations really are at the forefront of significantly reducing carbon equivalent to the planting of 2,500 trees.