SOCIAL MEDIA: ‘What should I say?’

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Social media columnist
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Moving on from my last article on when to post, the next question I’m asked most often is what should I say on social media?

The first thing I recommend you should do is to watch and learn from what others are sharing and posting and the kind of engagement and response they are getting. I also suggest that you answer questions and be helpful, this can often be by recommending others as either @ or + mentions. (Don’t forget Google+ - it does wonders for your search engine optimisation).

I like to use 3 Es and 3 Qs to summarise what I believe works best when you are looking for inspiration of what to say:

3 Es: Educate, Empower, Entertain

3 Qs: Questions, Quandaries, Quotes

And don’t forget to use images!

Social media is an ideal platform to promote any events you are organising and one way to get those to a wider audience is to include a call to action, known as a CTA in the trade, and ask for your event or post to be Liked or Shared.

It is seen as flattering and that the content you’ve distributed has been appreciated if it is retweeted (Twitter); repinned (Pinterest); liked (Facebook) or shared (Facebook and Google +).

With your social media marketing your objective is to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise of your business so helpful hints and tips are great. As I suggested in my article at the end of March, the types of posts that work best on social media are ones that educate or entertain, pose or answer questions. These are the posts that will hopefully get your target audience to interact with you.

Your sales people, customer service team, or whoever talks to your customers most, are a good source of material for you to use.

I hate to be repetitive but it is once again an issue of understanding who your audience is and what they want to see or know and one way to find that out is to just ask them.

Remember you don’t have to create all your own new material as you can provide a very valuable service to your followers and fans by curating news articles, information or blogs others have published. Content curation is a whole other area and I’ll cover that in my next article.


Facebook: Facebook Announces its Updated Design is Now Available Worldwide: Facebook now has 30 million active small business Pages worldwide. And as I previously warned everyone all existing Pages now have access to the refreshed design, as well as more control over the functionality of their Pages.

Admins accessing their Pages from 4 June would see a tour of the refreshed design. After completing the tour, admins can switch to the new design right away or can wait up to two weeks before making the switch. However, every Page will automatically switch to the updated design two weeks after the tour has been viewed.

Google+: Has had two new introductions all based around Mobile. The first brings advanced editing tools to mobile so that you can “easily perfect your photos” with the Google+ iPhone and iPad app. The G+ app also now lets iPhone and iPad users view, edit and share their Stories.

Pinterest: Rolls Out Refreshed Analytics: In addition to seeing what people are Pinning from your website, you’ll also be able to see how Pins from your Pinterest profile are performing.

Instagram: Added a set of new creative tools with the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth and more.