SOCIAL MEDIA: Top 10 tips for growing your social media following

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Social media columnist
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Having plenty of followers on social media is an important indicator of your influence. It’s a good way to get the social proof you need to sell your products, services and ideas.

But you don’t want just any followers – you want targeted followers who are willing to engage with you and answer your calls to action (CTA). After all, the entire point of having followers is to encourage more people to buy your products and services.

Here are my top 10 tips to help you build your following:

Share Your Own Unique High Quality Content

Your website needs to be promoted and one of the best ways to do this is via your social media accounts. Sharing relevant content is a great way to get more followers.

Share Your Connections’ Content

When you share other people’s content that is relevant to your audience, you not only give your audience proof of your ability to help them find the information they need, you also get the attention of the people whose content you shared.

Ask Your Partners, Current Customers, Suppliers, Friends and Associates to Follow You

You already have people who have purchased from you and you know through different routes. Ask them to follow you too.

Set Up Share Buttons, Badges and Links on Your Website

Grab the code you need to set up the right buttons, badges and links on your website. Include your social media accounts on your contact page as well.

Use Your Signature Lines and Bios

Include links to all your social media accounts in each email you send out. You should also put the links to your social media in any newsletter, direct mail, business cards, and other marketing materials.

Link To Your Social Media

Try to ensure that you cross-promote other social media accounts by promoting your Facebook on Twitter, your Twitter on Facebook, and so on. By cross-prompting social media accounts you make it super easy for your audience to find you, connect with you and engage with you.

Don’t Forget Your Calls to Action

It’s important to remember to include a call to action (CTA). Whether that is to “Like”, “Follow”, or “Share”, doesn’t matter. Every time you communicate with your audience you have a chance to get them to act.

Encourage Membership

People like to feel they belong and that they are somehow special and exclusive. Groups exist and function well on both Facebook and LinkedIn – there is a Suffolk Business Stars Group on both and the Facebook Group has over 3,400 members!

Encourage Fans and Followers to Invite Others

Ask your current fans to invite others. You can incentivise them to do so by offering prizes in competitions or special offers.

Engage With Others

Social media is a place to interact and engage with others. On every social media account it is imperative that you actively respond to questions and provide answers to those who ask.

Engagement is an essential component in making social media work for you and attracting more followers.

The entire point of social media is to get more audience members (as well as to encourage your audience to answer your calls to action) so growing your following is the first step to making social media work for you.



Last week Google announced the end of Authorship, when if you had linked your website a photo of you and brief details would appear in searches. Google’s John Mueller announced the change in a Google+ post giving the reasons as “this information isn’t as useful to our users as we’d hoped, and can even distract from those results”.


Google+ Video Now Imports to YouTube: “If your YouTube channel is merged with Google+, you’ll be able to import your Google+ videos to YouTube.”


Facebook has two updates, the first to reduce click-baiting headlines and the second to help people see links shared on Facebook in the best format. “Click-baiting” is when a publisher posts a link with a headline that encourages people to click to see more, without telling them much information about what they will see.


Announced a new, smarter analytics tool to help businesses with meaningful insights about what their customers are interested in. Once you have a business account, just go to or your Pinterest profile to see the new analytics.