SOCIAL MEDIA: LinkedIn marketing for business – six actions to take now

Social media columnist
Social media columnist
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While LinkedIn is still considered social media, the word social can be misleading. Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are fine to participate in but no other is as professional as LinkedIn.

Don’t go on LinkedIn and expect to discuss private information about your family, your children or your pets (though there may be exceptions to this rule!). Instead, you’re going to discuss business, both online and offline marketing and a whole host of other business related information if you actually complete your profile and participate.

Many people only create a LinkedIn profile half way and then they don’t participate at all, so their LinkedIn profile remains largely dormant. The fact is, if you just do a little bit on LinkedIn every day with the Basic Free account, you can get new business via LinkedIn.

The following six actions will get you noticed:

Create a Profile – When you create your LinkedIn profile make sure you fill in all the details. LinkedIn has a 100% complete indicator and gives you useful suggestions of what you need to do to achieve this. Write your profile in a client focused manner, clearly having identified who your ideal client avatar is. Include a professional headshot, your CV, your experience, what you do now and feed your blog, if you have one, into your profile page.

Optimise your Profile – Optimise your whole profile in at least the following 5 areas with your key words:

The Headline

Current work experience

Past work experience

Your website URL, you can customise how this appears

The Summary section

Make connections – After you’ve finished creating your profile, you can import your contacts from your email client list and then choose the ones you want to add to your connections. Choose your connections wisely. More connections is not always better. You want colleagues and your target market to connect with you. So don’t just add anyone, be choosey.

Join Groups – Join LinkedIn groups that share your career and career goals but also groups that belong to your target market or are areas of interest. There are lots of special interest or local groups, for example, I’m a member of Horse Lovers of the Business World and the Bury St Edmunds Network groups.

Give Recommendations – Is your Accountant on LinkedIn? What about your writers, lawyers, consultants, or even your Dentist? If so, recommend them. A recommendation on LinkedIn is a very important way to get certified testimonials.

Ask for Recommendations – Don’t forget to ask your clients for recommendations on LinkedIn. If you don’t ask you usually won’t get them. Most people don’t give recommendations on their own so you do need to ask.

Just taking these simple steps will greatly improve your chances of being found on LinkedIn, make the connections you want and be able to build a relationship with potential clients.


Ello Introduces New Social Platform: This new social platform promises an experience different to Facebook. It allows members to sign up with fake names and promises to be ad-free. Joining is by invitation only and you can request an invitation. You can also share their manifesto which is worth reading!

Google+: Google has quietly done away with the mandatory integration of Google+ for new Gmail users, adding fuel to the fire of the speculation of the social network’s demise.


Pinterest: Plans to Make Promoted Pins More Relevant to Pinners and come from brands you’ve shown interest in. On October 19, 2014, they will make a few updates to their Privacy Policy to explain these plans. If you don’t want them to use info from advertisers to personalise the Promoted Pins you see, you can change your account settings. They’ll continue to support Do Not Track for personalisation on Pinterest, as well.

Facebook: Now you can save items that you find on Facebook to check out later when you have more time. You can save items like links, places, movies, TV and music. Only you can see the items you save unless you choose to share them with friends.