Politics: It’s shake, rattle and poll

Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
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Brexit. Potholes. Education. The NHS.

May 4 and June 8 should be dates you ring in your diary if you want to make a difference and put across your views.

When it comes to this year’s elections, there are plenty of important issues to ask those candidates about when they beat a path to your door this summer looking for your vote.

And I hope they do just that, for democracy’s sake.

They should remember Peterborough councillor Charles Swift. Mr Swift hand-delivered a Christmas card to each of his electors every year. They knew him. He had 15 election fights under his belt. He knew them. That’s what local politics should be about.

I appreciate the knock on the door, the smiles, the rosettes (whatever colour), and the ceremony of elections. In local elections, I vote pretty much on the amount of column inches my local councillor has received – it’s not a bad barometer of how much she or he cares about the area. When it comes to politics, I like someone who rattles authority.