Never under-estimate the power of hope

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We often hear the cry: “I can’t; I’m addicted...”

Smoking, drinking, drugs, gambling – there are huge life challenges for everyone in today’s world and these struggles can sometimes prove too much of a burden. When that point is reached, the real damage can happen to lives, families, jobs and individuals.

That’s why the news of a course being set up and supported by a respected national group to tackle these issues locally is very welcome indeed.

Christians Against Poverty oversee the Release courses nationwide and will be using their expertise to beat a range of addictions from the more obvious to things like the misuse of money, compulsive shopping and internet addiction.

This course is unique as it is being run by a church in Bury – and time will tell whether or not it is a a success in number terms.

But for those suffering any form of dependency, the hope offered by this initiative cannot be under-estimated.