My younger self failed to see beauty

Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
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Back in the early 2000s, a fledgling Bury Free Press editor was whisked up the outside of a rather unimpressive cathedral in a makeshift lift as work got under way on building the Millennium Tower. Hard hat, hi-vis jacket, boots, the lot.

He met the then Dean James Atwell and someone called Horry Parsons in a rather dusty building site.

My lack of appropriate enthusiam and vision was not shared by the body of workers who toiled away until, in 2005, the amazing St Edmundsbury Cathedral Tower was finally unveiled.

I had the enormous pleasure on Sunday of clambering up 202 steps (yes, I counted!) to reach the top of this truly amazing piece of architecture.

Time stood still as I gazed out across our town, over peaceful meadows to a distant Moreton Hall and up and along medieval grid streets.

It felt like the culmination of a journey for me. A beautiful one made possible by real craftsmen. I enjoyed every step.