My Week: John Griffiths, leader, St Edmundsbury Borough Council

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Monday - Mornings begin at 7am making tea for my wife Hilary and walking dogs before catching up on emails, correspondence and ward meetings - today about listed buildings, developments at Ixworth’s schools, surgery and care homes.

Then, with David Ruffley MP, liaising with Suffolk County Council, Local Enterprise Partnerships, the Roads Minister seeking support for Bury’s Suffolk Business Park, which needs a relief road on to the A14 to ease congestion, unlock space for jobs and other benefits.

The evening’s Conservative Group meeting allows us to compare notes and discuss the best way forward on policy matters – working with businesses, car parking, improving communications, the budget etc.

Tuesday – Haverhill business ratepayers’ consultation tonight, so meetings with the Chief Executive and economic development team to prepare for this and two major business events at the Apex later this month. Good, lively meeting on research park, business rates, exports, A14 toll roads etc.

Wednesday – Formal meetings include 1pm Mayoral Advisory Committee, proposing the next St Edmundsbury Mayor. At 2pm meet fellow Cabinet members (joined at 3pm by Chief Executive and senior managers) to plan ahead. Cabinet begins at 5pm with 25 recommendations, the most pleasing recommending a freeze in Council Tax for the third year running. Finally, on to Ixworth Parish Council at 7.30pm and home by 9pm.

Thursday – More correspondence – including responses to supporters and opponents of a rural development application – and meetings, including one about another sport facilities initiative following the successful Victory Ground project. Bury’s business ratepayers’ consultation on Valentine’s night probably contributed to the low attendance – Bury’s September Business Festival might be a better time. Did buy a big bunch of tulips on the way home!

Friday – No formal meetings, but emails and phone calls from West Suffolk House and home. Planted a tree with Hilary and looked forward to dinner with friends that evening.