My Week: Jessica Darnell

Feature of the Coffee House''Pictured: Lucy Newell and Jessica Darnell
Feature of the Coffee House''Pictured: Lucy Newell and Jessica Darnell
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Jessica Darnell, from The Coffee House, Moreton Hall, gives a flavour of here normal working week.


Every day starts the same as consistency is the key. Powering up the ovens and sourcing the coffee machine, the aroma of freshly ground, fair trade Arabica beans and baking sausage rolls fill the air, enticing our customers in at 7.30 in the morning when we open.

The creation of our sausage rolls being now a military operation, getting through an amazing 53 kilos of locally sourced Gloucester Old Spot pork a week, mixed to our own secret recipe.

The counter steadily fills with with homemade goods. Time for coffee.


The quietest day of the week is used to catch up on essential paperwork, try out exciting new recipes and bake like crazy.

Lucy and I can often be spotted in various cafes about town on a Tuesday as we like to keep the others on their toes!


Being in the middle of a bustling community keeps us very busy. Today we were interviewed by BBC Radio Suffolk for The Rubbish Diet, an initiative launching to help you ‘slim your bin’, and how we recycle here at The Coffee House.


Scones are the order of the day, so we make sure we bake plenty for our friends from Slimming World. All washed down with a skinny latte, it’s the best place to come to keep on track.


Treat Day! Our windows are cleaned by the wonderful Neil and we prepare ourselves for a busy weekend ahead with a delicious bacon butty, a staple part of the coffee house diet.

Orders are received and placed. Business is at a fast pace


All hands on deck as a mountain of goodies appear on the counter. A real buzz can be felt today.


Simply wonderful. Join us for brunch between 9-2. We look forward to seeing you.