My Week – Colin Roberts, manager of the arc shopping centre

One to one interview with Colin Roberts the new arc manager.
One to one interview with Colin Roberts the new arc manager.
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Colin Roberts, manager of the arc shopping centre, Bury St Edmunds, describes his week.


Full day to start the week, out with the centre’s operations manager Stewart for our daily inspection of all areas to make sure everything is safe and clean.

Review meeting with our security company looking at the incident reports and how each incident was handled. Nice to have received some praise from one of the stores regarding the actions of our officers which resulted in a potential theft being averted.

Afternoon spent finishing off the report ready for our regular management meetings with letting agents and surveyors who come up to see us on a regularly; it’s great to have the support of the team of who work really hard to keep the place vibrant.


Not the most exciting start but has to be done – budget-setting for the new financial year. How can we keep the costs low and improve the service to our tenants. Need to keep the coffee coming for this one.

Highlight of the afternoon, a meeting with a lovely couple who want to run a promotion in Charter Square for a charity event, sounds like a great plan, hopefully we can get it up and running in the near future. Bring on the Wacky Races


Concentrating on the landscaping and seeing how the planting has stood up to the ravages of winter and what needs replacing. Have some big plans for the summer this year it’s going to be ‘blooming’ lovely. Oops, sorry couldn’t resist it.

Review meeting with the cleaning team, they are the ones who really deserve the praise around here, sun, wind, snow and rain they are out there every day – The Unstoppables


Visit by a specialist evaluating our evacuation and disaster recovery plans and giving us tips on how to manage safely. Great dedication from three of our security team giving up some of their day off to be involved. Team spirit indeed, well done guys.

Team get-together and health and safety meeting. Time for everyone to have their say on the good, the bad and the ugly of the previous week. Fortunately, I wasn’t voted the ugly today.


Environmental planning the topic of today, soon to launch the next stage of our ‘Save It’ campaign. It’s been a great success since we launched it but lot’s more work to do to meet our targets – Zero to Landfill