My Week: Chip Somers, chief executive of Focus12

One to One with Chip Somers of Focus 12
One to One with Chip Somers of Focus 12
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Monday - A busy start to the week as I have to drive to London, run the Focus12 clinic in Harley Street.

We do quite a few assessments there and provide follow up work and therapy to our London-based clients.

I have been staying in the same budget hotel for eight years now so we know each other pretty well.

Tuesday - Another few sessions in Harley Street then back to Bury St Edmunds in time to see what’s been happening.

Wednesday - A group of drug workers are visiting from Preston so I will be busy trying to convince them that we are a good rehab but will also give a lecture to our current clients inthe afternoon.

If I have any spare time I will make a start on a funding application.

Thursday - Once a year we have a major review of every aspect of what we do at Focus12 and why we do it. It will involve 20 staff, ex-clients and trustees. I have just joined the Farmers Club and they have the perfect room for a meeting of that size.

Friday - Four different visitors to see and show around and a telephone link to Canada where someone is developing a new software programme to help us get all our clients notes done electronically.

Saturday/Sunday - The office is much quieter at the weekend so I like to go in and catch up with paperwork.

If the weather is good I shall play golf on Sunday.