Magnificent seven have made an impact

Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
Barry Peters, editor ANL-141113-155212001
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When we talk about local heroes who really make a difference, everyone has their own ideas.

Last week’s story of potholes highlighted one councillor (Tom Murray) who has Bury St Edmunds at his heart alongside his many charitable good deeds.

We are blessed with a series of people in West Suffolk who go the extra mile and bring light to areas of shade.

I often think back to the mid-1980s when I first came across Bury. Its one-way system flummoxed me as a cub reporter when I tried to find the former industrial tribunal offices in Southgate Street. The steam around the Greene King brewery made me think of something from Dickens.

Fast forward to 2017 and it’s the seventh anniversary of Mark Cordell working with the BID. It was a cautious start but food events galore, TLC and business support for traders, beaches in the town centre and ongoing fights over car parking have proved the BID’s value and created a very different and buoyant town.

Well done, Mark – a magnificent seven!