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Social media columnist
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Welcome to my fortnightly social media marketing column.

Just to give you an idea of what to expect in the coming months I will be answering some of the questions I get asked most often and a series of tips on the why, what, where, when and how of social media. I’ll also include a “Breaking News” section which will cover some of the latest developments and changes on the various social media platforms.

Getting going and keeping up on Social Media can be a challenge but it can also be a really worthwhile investment for your business. It’s not a silver bullet but it does:

-- allow you to build a relationship with potential clients

-- provide a platform to demonstrate what your business does

-- let you reach a wider targeted potential client base

-- create positive word of mouth through recommendations and referrals.

Like all good relationships, it does take time to build so always try and keep in mind how you would behave offline. It’s that old conundrum of how far do you go on a first date? It is about establishing your reputation and relationships so it’s important not to forget the “social” part of social media.

I recommend that you only directly promote your business or service in approximately 5-10% of the content that you put out on the various networks.

Everyone tells you that you should be on social media now so you take the plunge with one or two platforms that you feel relatively safe with, get to work on your profiles, usually without a photograph, fill out your business details and then.....have no idea what to say.

Alternatively, I find many companies send out a string of promotional messages that are all shouting “buy me, buy me”.

When I run social media training courses, I always recommend that you first identify who you are trying to target with your messages. This means working out who your ideal customer is and writing down a full profile of them so you know what interests them. For example, I’m a horse owner so anything with helpful tips and advice on how to look after your horse or cute horse and pony images will capture my attention! Then when that company tells me about their latest new product, I’m much more likely to take a look.


This week LinkedIn announced Member Blocking. This feature adds an additional layer to your privacy controls by allowing you to block your profile, direct interactions, and network activity from logged in members who you don’t wish to interact or share personal information with.

You can block another member by choosing the Block or Report option on their profile page. However, you should use this with care as you could get someone blacklisted.

If you have any social media questions or areas that you’d like me to cover please do get in touch.

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