KAREN CANNARD: No blushing, it ruins continuity

A personal view by Karen Cannard
A personal view by Karen Cannard
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I’ve been at it again, this time with a family in the North West for an ITV1 documentary where the production team commissioned me to work with a couple who wanted to reduce their waste.

I shan’t give the game away as it will be far better to see the results for yourself but suffice to say it was another interesting experience in the Cannard book of adventures.

Where TV was once very daunting, I’m pleased that I’m becoming more at ease, even to the point of planning what to wear for purposes of continuity, especially when filming over consecutive days.

I’ve also learned that much patience is needed. For a scene to flow well, you need to capture the action, the dialogue and ‘listening shots’, creating a 30 second clip from potentially five minutes – or indeed more – of repeated filming from all sorts of angles.

Throw in some surplus-to-requirements sound-effects of squabbling ducks or mating pigeons and it’s time for another take, sandwiched between the odd joke and much laughter.

And as for fluffing it up yourself – oh dear, that sounds more rude than intended – the only thing you can hope for is that one’s blushing doesn’t create another challenge when editing for continuity. Who would have guessed that filming a bendy carrot would make me all red-faced.

It has been a real privilege to play a key part in a family’s waste-reduction journey. To invite a stranger and a TV crew into your home to rummage through your rubbish must be quite daunting. However they were so welcoming, it was hard not to feel relaxed.

Unless there are unforeseen changes, the documentary is scheduled for transmission on Thursday 1 August on ITV1’s Tonight. So do tune in. And while you do, I will be doing what I do best during broadcast time… hiding behind a cushion.