KAREN CANNARD: Many stores now ‘closing the door’

A personal view
A personal view
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Thank you to reader V Cole who last week raised a good point about the benefits of shops keeping their doors closed during the cold weather.

It therefore seems a perfect opportunity to give a seasonal plug for the Close the Door campaign, which supports independent retailers, high street chains and retail centres that wish to put this energy-saving policy into practice.

With its roots in nearby Cambridge, Close the Door invites organisations to join the national campaign and provides support to anyone who wants to get involved, including information on environmental impact, healthy working conditions for staff and how to ensure footfall is not reduced. Supported by chains such as M&S, Tesco, Oxfam & Rymans, the campaign has been gathering traction and influences national headquarters and independent stores alike.

It also recognises and respects the positions of both business owners and customers, helping to answer FAQs, which includes consideration of accessibility for wheelchair users. And in support of participating retailers, Close the Door also provides positive publicity through online, local and national media campaigns. To reinforce support locally, stickers for windows and doors are also available, enabling customers to easily recognise participation.

As a regular shopper in Bury, it’s great to see that we are moving more and more towards an energy-saving culture in our town, with many stores already taking individual action whether in the arc or the independent throughfares. There are even one or two that display the Close the Door sticker. I wonder if you’ve already spotted them.

If my mother were still alive she’d probably laugh that I’m now supporting such a thing. I appeared to favour an open door policy everywhere. “Born in a barn?” she’d nag, right through my childhood, teenage years and early adulthood.

“No.” I’d quip. “It was a hospital with swinging doors!”

Maybe that’s what we need, more easy action doors with a decent closing swing.

Visit www.closethedoor.org.uk or find them on Facebook and Twitter @close_the_door.