Karen Cannard: Bunting comes top of the list

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So, there I was, reading the Bury Free Press, when I stumbled upon the request from The Coffee House in Moreton Hall asking for more residents to join in the Hidden Gardens event that they are planning for the summer.

“Shall we do it?” I asked my unsuspecting husband.

I almost fell off my chair when my suggestion brought immediate agreement instead of the opposition that I was expecting.

Within seconds I tweeted our commitment and announced it on Facebook, which clearly meant there was absolutely no going back.

But I must be mad! Our garden isn’t particularly special and although I’m a ‘keen’ gardener, I’m by no means ‘experienced’ and our small patch is more of an accidental creation than a well-designed vision worthy of a Chelsea display.

However, it is a garden and thanks to the height of some well-grown bay trees that we planted as small saplings, it is also pretty much hidden from anyone else, so I guess it fits the bill.

And, after all, this is just a bit of fun to encourage some neighbourly nosiness and help raise money for St Nicholas Hospice Care.

However, once the shock of volunteering had dissipated and I’d recovered from jokes about serving home-made cakes and lemonade, my brain started working overtime on the list of jobs to make the garden ‘visitor-ready’.

And top of the list fell bunting!

Not planting, or weeding, or pruning, oh no, but bunting!

Oh, and a determination to jazz up the compost bin and make it look like a …

… Ah, perhaps I shouldn’t give away all my plans.

I’ll leave it to your imagination and shall enjoy the element of surprise.

But first, while I’m sat on a train, at a safe distance from home, I’d better text my husband.

Especially as he’ll be the most surprised of all!

-- A date for Moreton Hall’s own Hidden Gardens event has yet to be decided – watch this space.