Karen Cannard: A challenge worthy of Shakespeare

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I’ve just embarked on my greatest challenge ever, preparing to sign-up households across Suffolk to slim their bins with The Rubbish Diet, hoping that most will reduce their waste easily by 50 per cent.

The competition that I’ve entered is much like X-factor for bins. Obviously, I shan’t be singing but will be equally judged on my rubbish talents, which is both exciting and nerve-wracking.

So, with much on my mind, I more than welcomed an invitation to see the Theatre Royal’s Romeo & Juliet. Being such a hopeless romantic, I jumped at the chance.

Theatre is such a wonderful distraction and more easily so if it’s Romeo & Juliet, but if you’re a newcomer to Shakespeare, don’t assume that this play is for girls, it’s just as much for boys, too! Whether you’re a lover or a fighter, you’ll be hooked by this production, mesmerised and equally entertained by the characters within.

With forbidden young love, deep-seated rivalry, dramatic fight scenes and a decent dose of tragic death, the bard is a skilled master who brings you face-to-face with the rawness of human emotion through the beauty of carefully crafted words.

These words may have you lost in translation at first but flow easily once you fall into the rhythm and in this case, they’re superbly brought to life by the director Lynn Whitehead and her great cast.

It was a brilliant way to forget my own demands but I soon returned to my imminent adventures with bins, now pondering how Shakespeare might have brought such a subject to life.

Ah, methinks it would be with much jest,

yet with friendly rivalry amongst fellows it’d be blessed,

as our detritus to landfill doth become banish-ed,

and much rush on bin-day, folk no longer dread.

Oh, I can already hear the ‘Simon Cowell’ of bins, shouting ‘Next’. Good job I’ve something else up my sleeve. It’s going to be fun!

If you want to take the Rubbish Diet challenge, email karen@therubbishdiet.co.uk. More info coming soon.