I’ve become a sucker for live theatre, says Karen Cannard

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There I was, poised at my computer, ready to tease your imaginations with a different topic entirely, when there was a sudden thump on my doormat.

The Theatre Royal’s spring programme had arrived, which my inner procrastinating imp greeted with total joy.

I could write about the future of creating biogas from the stuff you flush down the loo, or I could lose myself in the magical world of theatre! All too easily, I became distracted by the diverse theatre programme, making a wish-list of things I wanted to see.

Thoughts of nights out with John Simpson, Michael Parkinson and Gyles Brandreth, then laughing my socks off with Chris Addison, followed by the romance of Romeo and Juliet! Such fine talent tempting me off my sofa, the list could go on.

There are probably far more eloquent ways of putting it, but more recently I’ve become a real sucker for live theatre.

And amidst the current controversy, my concerns over the future of the Theatre Royal have never been far from my mind.

Whatever happens this week, I hope the theatre’s future is protected.

We have something really special here, a precious venue with great productions and increasing opportunities for the audience to engage more closely with the performers, including after-show talks and receptions.

There really is something for everyone, providing access to inspirational local talent as well as household names.

Of course, if I get to meet Gyles Brandreth at his on-stage reception in February, I shall take care not to confess to the former MP and Government Whip that it was me who raced behind him towards the taxi rank at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, almost tripping over his trolley bag!

I’d much rather leave such comedy, or indeed drama, in the hands of those who know best.

And long may they continue!