I think I’m going to get through this

A personal view
A personal view
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Births, marriages, first jobs, first loves – all key milestones that define us during our lives.

Over the course of 24 hours, I had another two to add to the list – ones that made me excited and nervous in equal measure.

My eldest son played his first proper football match on Sunday, watched by his younger brother who then started ‘big school’ a day later.

Clearly, one situation was more important than the other, but not for those little lads – and not for the grey hairs that keep appearing on my top in regular fashion.

Starting with the most important, Monday was a peculiar day.

To the watching world, my son is not yet blessed with the greatest amount of confidence – though trying believing that when observing him in the comfort of his own home.

So while some soon-to-be classmates bounded into their new surroundings, I imagine George tentatively made small steps before a kind teacher took over.

I say imagine because he had declared that he wanted Mummy to take him and Daddy to pick him up.

In retrospect, I should have been relieved as I was spared the sight of his bottom lip quivering and grown-ups trying to fight back the tears.

As it was, Monday turned out to be the slowest day imaginable.

Working from home didn’t help – I should have planned a day of distracting meetings – as I, too often, wondered what he was up to and whether he was ok.

After getting to school to pick him up far too early, and I was not alone, I was relieved and assured when his cheeky grin greeted me as he dumped his school bag on me to carry.

Rewind 24 hours earlier and the situation was a little calmer.

The sight of my oldest son in his new Bury Town kit was enough to make me feel at ease and put aside any fears of whether he will fit in, will he enjoy it and will he get kicked.

In fact, it was a yes to all of the above in a match full of goals, a few tears and lots of excited youngsters. Welcome to the world of Under-10s football.

It was an exhilarating 24 hours, for lots of reasons, as I was left wondering where has the time gone. Sound familiar?

But whether I was watching my oldest chase eagerly chase after a football or my youngster, in a slightly oversized school uniform, tell me what he had for lunch – when I asked about his day – I became aware of one thing.

Parents have their wobbles, their ‘did I forget that’ moments. But children just brush them off with a smile. It has been a rollercoaster last week, but I think I am going to get through this.