I love a trip down memory lane

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A personal view
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For many, the new year signals a time to look ahead to the future, make plans and focus on dreams and ambitions.

I’m no different, having already considered potential 2016 holiday destinations, but over the weekend I couldn’t help looking back just a little bit.

For years the nostalgia page of the Bury Free Press has been one of my go-to sections, while I particularly enjoyed reading Colin’s recollections of the town as a youngster in ‘Bury St Edmunds Memories’ last week. And judging by a new social media success story, it seems I am not the only one keen to reminisce about days gone by.

On Saturday I was added to a Facebook group called ‘We Love Bury St Edmunds’. Described as a page to celebrate Bury past and present, with members invited to share photos, videos and memories, it makes for fascinating reading.

With more than 7,000 group members at the time of writing this column, people have been busy posting sharp observations and burning questions including:

Who remembers the monkeys in the Abbey Gardens?

When you met someone in Bury it was usually ‘under the clock’ (Moyse’s Hall).

Did anyone else use the old Debenhams as a short-cut from the Traverse through to the Buttermarket?

Does anyone remember the police discos at the sports centre, with PcDepper?

My responses to the above are:

I do! I loved going to see the monkeys as a child.

Before the days of mobile phones plans were always fixed well in advance. In fact, my husband and I met for our first date ‘under the clock’ (16 years ago today).


I never went to a police disco, but Pc Depper was a legend who visited many schools across this area, including Cockfield Primary and Beyton Middle (I remember him well).

The group fondly recalls shops and cafés of the past – including Andrews and Plumpton, Purdys, Stage One, John Menzies, and Lawsons– while many of the town’s old characters are also discussed, with some colourful memories shared.

I’m all about living in the moment, but sometimes there’s nothing wrong with an entertaining trip down memory lane. The ‘We love Bury St Edmunds’ group certainly raised smiles in what could otherwise have been a post-festivities lull. It comes highly recommended!