Human kindness is a lovely commodity

Barry Peters
Barry Peters
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Are you like me and simply blubber away at the TV every week when Nick Knowles’ team fix a house for someone needing that extra bit of DIY help?

The thing that gets me is how ‘trades’ – as Nick refers to them – come together from all walks of life out of the goodness of their hearts to help a family in need.

So our story about former builder Jamie Smith – see Jamie’s story has struck a similar nerve. Doctors have been unable to find out what’s wrong with Jamie, despite hundreds of hospital visits. Now a group of friends and supporters from Jamie’s home village of Badwell Ash have started a campaign called ‘Let’s Mend Jamie’ to help him get to the root of his troubles. So far, they have raised more than £5,000.

Community spirit in the wake of tragedy has been so evident in both Manchester and London recently – this simple act of human kindess in a tiny Suffolk village is no less impressive and certainly just as welcome for Jamie and his family.