Guess who’s back (with a babe in tow)?

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A personal view
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Guess who’s back? Back again? Yes, in the words of Eminem, I have finally returned to writing my column a year after starting maternity leave.

But not just that, I’ve also returned to a staff job at the Bury Free Press following seven years working elsewhere (because when better to start a new job than when you haven’t used your brain in a work way in a year?). So, if you have any local news stories, you know who to call . . . (on 01284 757828, Mondays-Wednesdays).

Anyway, back to the business of column writing.

Firstly, readers who remember me might be wondering so I have to announce I am now proud mum to an 11-month-old girl called Clara. She is a total babe, so expect some future columns to have a Clara-theme.

Secondly, in my last column in July 2016 I scoffed at a friend’s prediction I would give birth to a 10lb 13oz Baby McBabyface (as we called the bump). Well, the joke was on me as Clara was not far off at 10lb 8oz.

Finally, this week I want to talk about the hazards of being a pedestrian in Bury St Edmunds.

Okay, I know it might not seem earth-shattering, but if you do walk the town centre streets – particularly with a pushchair (in my case) or perhaps in a wheelchair or with some other sort of mobility aid – you might currently find it nigh-on impossible to do so safely.

On Friday, I walked the aforementioned total babe to the Whiting Street weighing session (it’s like Slimming World, except you want them to gain weight rather than lose it).

As I turned into Abbeygate Street I was confronted by A-boards outside what felt like almost every business, tables and chairs and three separate lots of scaffolding completely blocking the pavements. In one part I was forced to walk in the road into oncoming traffic. The whole experience felt like highway to the danger zone.

While I’m all for the street remaining open to traffic at some times of the day, I’m also a fan of safety. Currently, it feels the opposite of safe to be a pedestrian when Abbeygate Street is open to traffic. Surely businesses should be asked to clear the pavements of unnecessary clutter before 10am and after 4pm at the very least?