GREEN LIGHT TRUST: Learn some woodland skills

Gree Light Trust woodland skills workshops ANL-140506-154424001
Gree Light Trust woodland skills workshops ANL-140506-154424001
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Green Light Trust an environmental education charity based in Lawshall, has recently begun offering a series of five workshops on woodland skills and nature activities.

The Trust has already got a good reputation for training teachers and other professionals in the field of Forest School. Many local schools and pre-schools give pupils a weekly chance to play and learn outside in nature and it is becomingly increasingly recognised that everyone benefits from regular time outside.

Recognising that there was an increasing interest from past students for further training, the Forest School Trainers at Green Light Trust planned a set of workshops designed to develop skills and activities which will enhance the outdoor experience for children.

“We are hoping that past students who have taken their Forest School training through us will come back and deepen their knowledge and experience,” said Jo Ling, one of the Forest School Tutors, “but also we would love to see adults here from all walks of life, including Teachers, Scout and Guide leaders, Social Workers and Play Workers. In fact, anyone wanting to get our young children and adults interested in the natural world.”

The workshop days are held at Frithy Wood, a beautiful ancient woodland in Lawshall, managed by the Green Light Trust team.  Many participants comment that one of the best parts of the courses is being given the opportunity to spend all day in such a magical place.  The content of the days is varied, covering topics from fire lighting to knife skills, to learning games that connect children with nature.  Each day is very different and can be booked separately. The workshops are entitled ‘Fire’, ‘Games’, ‘Camp Crafts’, ‘Storytelling’ and ‘Beings in the Wood’. 

“We have run three days so far,” said Jo Ling “and the response has been so positive we will be able to run all five again in the autumn. Although we believe we are teaching things that are really important for children to experience; we always make the days fun!  Students value the mix of practical skills such as working with greenwood, craft skills and use of tools whilst exploring the psychological benefits of taking time to connect to nature.”

For more information on these professional development days please call Lindsay on 01284 830829, email (||Contact Green Light Trust} or go to the website