GREEN LIGHT TRUST: Help our trees – get planting

Tree planting by the Green Light Trust
Tree planting by the Green Light Trust
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Green Light Trust has helped many groups in our region to grow trees and shrubs to plant woodlands and wild spaces to improve the quality of environment for both us, future generations and our indigenous wildlife.

The story of the arrival of ash dieback (Chalara fraxinea) into our region has been well-reported and nationally there are more than 600 woodlands which have been infected by this disease – with the greatest density of records being in here East Anglia and in Kent.

There are a number of other diseases which are taking their toll on our trees these include Acute Oak Decline and a range of Phytophthora pathogens that are effecting oaks, alders, pines, rhododendrons and larch trees.

Add to these recent gales, a reduction in budgets for forest development and plans to allow the cutting down of woodland to allow housing development, biodiversity offsetting (old trees for new) and one could get depressed. What a difficult time it is to be a tree today in this country!

On the brighter side, since the last Ice Age there have been many pests and diseases which trees have managed to overcome, enabling them to continue giving us fuel, shade and imparting character to our countryside and towns.

Today there is a greater awareness of trees and we can help out by joining local groups to plant and manage trees.

You can also plant trees yourself in appropriate places in and around your community.

Trees are not expensive or difficult to plant and protect, but they need to be appropriate for the site and planting needs to be mindful of the neighbours and local land owners.

Plenty of advice is available from your local council, tree wardens, the Woodland Trust and the Suffolk Wildlife Trust as well as from Green Light Trust.

Contact us on 01284 830827 or email if you want advise or to know where one of our groups is working locally.