GREEN LIGHT TRUST: Group finds inspiration in woods

Green Light Trust
Green Light Trust
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Managing a woodland is an art, managing an ancient woodland is an art; requiring particular skill and knowledge, but making art in an ancient woodland is a different thing altogether.

Artheads is a safe, friendly, drug and alcohol environment where people in recovery from substance misuse or mental health issues can explore their creativity through art and music.

Green Light Trust

Green Light Trust

They aim to engage the whole community in order to challenge stereotypes and misconceptions and they brought their own unique artistic flair to rival David Hockney’s incredible talent. You can find out more about Artheads by visiting their website:

Seeing the Light, an art- based course organised in partnership with Green Light Trust and funded by the Suffolk Life Charitable Foundation, The Coutts Charitable Trust, Clark Bradbury Charitable Trust, Suffolk Community Foundation and Cllr Mark Ereira-Guyer has enabled the group to explore a number of disciplines from making paint from crushed woodland materials, berries, leaves soil etc, to constructing large sculptures from fallen trees.

This four-week autumn programme is the first of three seasonal events to be run.

The idea is to enable the group to find inspiration from the surroundings of the neglected wood during the beautiful season of autumn, winter and spring and as it is restored to a fully coppice managed woodland. The completed work will be exhibited at the Cathedral Gallery in Bury St Edmunds, in June next year.

During the first four weeks, the group tried their hand at photography, green wood sculpture, watercolour and making paint. They produced some interesting work including a fallen deadwood and debris sculpture.

Although the first course has finished the group members continue to develop their ideas back at their centre in the basement of the Leisure Centre; ready to explore more when they return in January and then at the end of April.