GRAHAM TURNER: Years of TV programmes crammed into a week

A personal view
A personal view
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As the parent of teenagers and young adults I’ve done my duty on a number of occasions and warned about the dangers of binge drinking.

Of course, it’s not a completely new phenomenon and I was able to draw on some personal experience (from a very long time ago) of the downside of drinking too much over a short period of time.

However, I’m now a great believer in moderation in all things and that, in general, doing anything to extreme is not good for you (apart from scoffing biscuits, of course).

So I was a bit surprised at the weekend to hear my daughter advising that I had to ‘binge’ – after I admitted to not having watched a particular television series.

“Just binge watch it,” she told me, explaining that she and a friend had recently spent more or less every spare moment over a week watching all five ‘seasons’ of hit American drama Breaking Bad.

It seems it’s quite common for folk to sign up to internet streaming services and watch, in one sitting, series after series of programmes going back years.

Apparently it helps if your ‘binge watch’ is fuelled by fizzy drinks and popcorn, but I really can’t imagine what watching that much TV in a week is like. How do you fit in the rest of the stuff that has to be done each day – work, walking the dog, eating, doing the washing up . . . sleeping?

Sixty hours or more of television watching crammed into seven days seems to verge on ‘extreme’ to me so, following my own advice, I’ve declined.

I’ll just have to take my daughter’s word for it that Breaking Bad is one of the best things ever to have been broadcast. Or perhaps I could just watch the final instalment, after all I’ve done it with books; turning to the last page halfway through a novel I’m finding tedious, just to see if it’s worth ploughing on.

-- Anyone who read last week’s column and is feeling anxious about my broody hen, Cindy, don’t worry, my tactic of turfing her out into the garden each morning has worked and she’s changed her mind about wanting to become a mum.

However, as is the right of any female, she’s now decided she doesn’t like her current outfit and has started to moult. Feathers everywhere, but no eggs – we’ll have to wait a bit longer for those.