GRAHAM TURNER: Two weeks away, but the big news was no surprise

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A personal view
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Returning to work after two weeks in the sun (yes, a fortnight of unbroken fine weather on the Isle of Wight!) is never a pleasant thing, but one of the compensations is that I get to catch up on the news from Bury St Edmunds with a couple of copies of the BFP that I’ve had nothing to do with.

I couldn’t resist dipping into the website once or twice – a journalist is never truly off duty – but other than that, the editions waiting for me on my desk were full of ‘fresh’ news – good and bad.

It took a while, but I’m now up to speed.

The biggest story to break while I was away – it even made the national news – was the decision by David Ruffley to stand down as the MP for Bury and Stowmarket at the next election.

I thought the BFP’s coverage was second to none and I particularly liked the way we gave our readers a voice.

Mr Ruffley’s decision came as no surprise. Once Frances Ward’s letter arrived in the public domain, the writing was on the wall. Whether she was right to copy what appeared to be a private letter based on a private conversation to so many people is not for me to say, though her actions have sparked a barrage of critical c0mment on today’s letters page.

I do hope the local Conservative association thinks long and hard about choosing its replacement for Mr Ruffley.

As I’ve said before, I have a particular disdain for candidates parachuted into a constituency to serve the party’s needs rather than the constituents’.

I also think we have enough London-based lawyers in parliament and people who have never had a ‘proper job’ outside of politics.

Perhaps our local party officials should have a chat with their counterparts in South Norfolk before the process gets under way – regardless of whether you agree with her politics, Liz Truss seems to have been a sound choice with some ‘real world’ experience.

-- I don’t often have an opinion about our paper’s court lists page, but I was shocked at the case this week in which a man was fined for involvement in trapping and keeping wild birds.

Our wild bird population has enough to contend with without facing the possibility of a miserable life (or death) in captivity.