GRAHAM TURNER: The trouble with charity bags . . .

A personal view
A personal view
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Many people object to the number of ‘charity bags’ that drop through their letter box – it seems an almost daily occurrence which, to some, must be an annoyance.

Some folk simply don’t have ‘stuff’ for the bag, others may not want to support particular charities and occasionally the bags seem to come from fairly ‘dubious’ enterprises.

But with a household of six, including some avid readers, a couple of fashion-conscious young women and a pair of still-growing teenage boys, we regularly have items that we’re happy to pass on for re-sale, recycling or even ‘upcycling’ – books, shoes, clothes, CDs . . .

So we are generally pleased when a charity bag drops on to the door mat – we’ve always got something to go into it. And it’s no problem to pop it outside the front door on the stated day – we all leave relatively early, so there’s not really any chance of missing the collectors.

However, it is a bit frustrating when you come home from work to find the bag still sitting there.

I won’t name the organisations ‘to protect the innocent’, but last week my wife happily put out a bag of items for quite a well-known charity.

As you’ve probably guessed, it was not collected, so it was popped into the garage. Fortuitously, the next day, another bag was sitting on the doormat when we got home – not a charity I had heard of, but why look a gift horse . . .

Not one to waste energy, my wife simply slipped the first bag plus contents into the second, sealed it and it was left out the next day for collection.

We were slightly surprised to find that bag also where we left it at the end of the afternoon. So into the garage it went (again).

Next day, another bag arrived, this time from a very large, well-known organisation that my wife had previously worked for and still supported. ‘That was lucky,’ we thought, ‘now we can make our donation to a really worthy cause.’

We went through the same process – old (double wrapped) bag into the new one and on to the doorstep.

And the result – yes, you’ve guessed – the bag was still there when we got home!

Next time, the bag will be quadruple-wrapped, and I hope that will be as far as it gets, but I do appeal to charities: If you deliver these bags, please collect them when you say you’re going to.