GRAHAM TURNER: The best of both worlds at Hallowe’en

A personal view
A personal view
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Over the years, I’ve gradually gone off Hallowe’en as it’s become more and more ‘marketed’.

I’ve heard people complain that it has become Americanised, but I don’t think we can particularly blame the folk over the pond – it’s simply now seen as one more thing that people can make money from.

Looking back to my own childhood, we didn’t have pumpkins – I know they’re not a new invention, but they just weren’t grown like they are now – instead, we chiselled out the insides of swedes to make lanterns. And trick or treating was a much more low-key affair.

More recently, when our children were younger, we did allow them to go out into the village for trick or treating. Of course, they had to be accompanied, which meant a chilly evening out for mum or dad.

Luckily, our village is quite civilised when it comes to Hallowe’en and there’s an unwritten code that means people who welcome trick or treating have a pumpkin or lantern outside, while those without are left in peace.

Now our brood is older andtoo old for trick or treating (say mum and dad), this year we tried to have the best of both worlds by escaping the house to have dinner out, but still bestowing largesse on the village children by leaving our son and daughter at home with a big tray of goodies.

And apparently, it worked.

We enjoyed a nice Italianmeal while the youngsters who called at our door were impressed with Mrs Turner’s selection of goodies – it was ‘well-swag’, according to one teenager . . . we assumed that to be a good thing.

-- A news story which caught my eye this week came from Norwich, where it’s been suggested a statue of Delia Smith (chairman of their football club amongst other things) could be added to the streetscene.

And it got me thinking about Bury – who or what should we be immortalising with a statue?

Of course, we have our St Edmund and wolf sculptures, but is there someone or something from the present or recent past whose likeness would enhance the town?

Suggestions on a postcard!