GRAHAM TURNER: Plenty of interest on my drive to work

A personal view
A personal view
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My journey to work is generally fairly leisurely – I don’t rush. Not due to any reluctance to get to it at the Bury Free Press coal face, but because I make sure I leave myself plenty of time simply so I don’t have to hurry.

This means I don’t arrive at my desk frazzled by the worry of time ticking away, my car doesn’t guzzle too much petrol and I get to listen to plenty of radio – Today on Radio 4, followed by the 8am news headlines on BBC Radio Suffolk then on to Radio 2 for a little light entertainment from Chris Evans.

Pottering along also gives me the chance to observe my fellow travellers on the A14, or at least their vehicles.

Cars don’t offer up much of interest, unless they’re being driven at ridiculous speed, so it’s commercial vehicles – HGVs, vans and the like – that get me thinking.

Container lorries, of course, give few clues about what they’re carrying, except any name emblazoned on the side might suggest they are en route to or from China, Singapore or one of the Nordic countries.

Park homes are always interesting, often split in half and carried on two separate lorries which, tantalisingly, take up just a bit more than one lane – brave souls plough on by through the narrow gap, blazing a trail for more timid drivers to follow.

Recently, I’ve passed a number of very wide loads, parked up in lay-bys presumably waiting for rush hour to end before they continue their slow journeys eastbound. With some, it’s easy to see the load – large storage tanks and silos or giant bits of machinery. Others are more mysterious, boxed up in huge plywood cases that later could easily be upcycled into modest homes.

My interest is always galvanised when I see something obviously from the Claas works at Saxham. Huge machines that would look at home on a battlefield and operated by Royal Engineers have me guessing what they are actually for.

My journey home, I have to admit, is less leisurely and my thoughts are generally more focused on what might be for tea. But there is still the radio – PM and the 6 o’clock news, but followed by a quick switch to the iPod for a few tunes to speed me (metaphorically) on my way.