Graham Turner: Please stop this time travel

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Why do we still need to change the clocks twice a year? All it does is cause confusion and disruption.

I wish the authorities would plump for one time zone or the other, I don’t mind if it’s British Summer Time or Greenwich Mean Time – just choose one andstick with it!

I’m fed up with ‘springing forward and falling back’; with going round the house trying to remember which of our many clocks need to be adjusted manually and those (on the DAB radios) which look after themselves, and trying to work out whether the chap who looks after the village church’s timepiece has made the alteration or not.

Whether we gain an hour or lose one, it takes this poor old soul days to acclimatise to the change. And it takes our dogs even longer – for weeks in the autumn we have them bothering us for their tea an hour before it’s due and this week they’ve been very reluctant to get up for their walk in the morning. I don’t really blame them, though – we had just got used to the lighter mornings and now they’re almost dark again! I suppose there’s consolation in the fact that it’ll only be a few weeks before it’s fully light (and warm?) as the dog and I set off for our daily constitutional.

I know there have been studies, debates and trials down the years, with road safety being the main driver (excuse the pun) for maintaining the status quo, but with roads now so busy throughout the day, I’m not sure if this argument still holds. It was , after all, introduced as a wartime measure in 1916, when the ‘safer roads’ argument certainly did not apply.

This year, we’ve been lucky and Sunday’s switch to BST coincided with the long Easter weekend, which at least gave us a couple of days to make up for the hour’s lost sleep.

Though, for me, bank holidays bring their own challenges.

As I may have mentioned before, I don’t really like crowds and bank holidays and crowds seem to be synonymous – wherever you go, there are hordes of people. I particularly avoid garden centres and DIY stores which are often unbearable – or perhaps this is just a subconscious ploy to avoid doing all those jobs around the house and garden which I know need doing, but I don’t really fancy.