GRAHAM TURNER: Late night litter louts leave their mark

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A personal view
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A couple of times in the past week I’ve walked across the old cattle market car park just after 8am on my way to work and been surprised by the amount of litter and debris lying on the ground.

Usually, the clean-up crew is there before me, so though I’ve seen the car park a bit messy – generally after a big event in the town when it might be expected – it’s usually pretty tidy.

Litter in cattle market car park ANL-140618-130301001

Litter in cattle market car park ANL-140618-130301001

I don’t know if the street cleaners had a day off or were delayed, but I was shocked by what they presumably face on a regular basis.

A large number of fast food wrappers and drinks cups had been discarded. And it was obviously not rubbish that had accumulated over time, but had been dumped in a short period by a ‘crowd’ who, presumably, arrived by car. This was the result of a late night ‘social gathering’.

To my mind, this begs two or three questions of these litter louts.

Firstly, if you’re of an age to drive a car and have the means to run it, surely there are more salubrious locations than a car park to meet your mates?

Secondly, what makes you think it’s okay just to dump your rubbish on the ground when there are litter bins a few yards away? Dare I suggest that, since you’re in a car, you might just take it home (you could then sort it for recycling).

Thirdly, if you do think it’s reasonable behaviour, should you really be behind the wheel of a car? The last people we need on the roads are those who have no consideration for others or for the consequences of their actions.

Short of closing the car park overnight, there’s probably no way to prevent this late night littering – I suspect that if it’s not the cattle market car park being messed up it would be some other location.

I know it’s their job, but I feel sorry for the team that has to clear up the mess each morning.

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