GRAHAM TURNER: Easter is ‘mug time’

A personal view
A personal view
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So, Easter has finally arrived. It seems to have taken an age to come around and, despite the mild winter and early onset of spring, its lateness has dragged out my least favourite time of year.

I know it’s a religious festival and linked to a complicated arrangement of the moon, but I do wish they’d give Easter a fixed date – late February or early March would be ideal (for me). I’m sure it would also make planning school term times easier.

Mugs ANL-140416-113228001

Mugs ANL-140416-113228001

With four children, Easter has given us some great memories and though our offspring now range from 16-25, we still hold an annual egg hunt in the garden. Come rain, shine or snow, the egg hunt goes ahead, though nowadays there’s a more ‘mature’ approach to sharing the spoils.

Easter also usually marks a point where we have to declutter our mug cupboard – come Sunday, there’s always a new crop of egg-filled crockery looking for a home.

However, when it comes to mugs, I’m a bit of a stick-in-the-mud – I don’t like change and I have quite a complicated ‘system’ which involves different mugs at various times of day and for different beverages.

My ‘tea’ mug is my favourite. A memento of our visit to the Millennium Dome in 2000, it has miraculously survived daily use (and washing) for 14 years in a pretty clumsy house.

Morning coffee has to be served in a green Disney mug sporting a Tinkerbell motif – bought as a gift after I recounted a story about how, as a toddler, I yelled out in the cinema during a moment of ‘mild peril’ as we watched Peter Pan.

Then there’s my ‘after eight’ mug – nothing to do with chocolate mints but, in fact, a 2012 Olympics mug (bought on the Olympic Park) which is a bit smaller than the others and less likely to dose me up with too much caffeine as bedtime approaches.

Throw in a couple of favoured ‘spares’ in case there’s a hiatus in the washing up and I’m afraid my collection takes up a fair chunk of the cupboard space – hence the need for everyone else in the family to make those difficult choices about what they want to drink from for the next year.

n Is your favourite mug older than 14 years? Let me know.