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This week’s column was going to be about overweight pigeons and the risk they pose to drivers until I met two local gentlemen by the names of Simon Bonner and Stewart Wiggins.

Talking, as men do, at a recent musical event, in between trips to the bar and the moments you can talk instead of shout at each other, I discovered that these two thirtysomethings have just achieved what nobody I’ve ever met in my life has ever achieved before – they have produced a downloadable iPad game of such vibrantly addictive quality that you obtain it from one of the world’s largest and most well respect software companies, Apple Inc.

Some of you reading this might not be familiar with some of the words I’ve just used, but anyone with a soupcon of technological prowess will know what I’m on about.

Simon and Stewart are two of the most intelligent people of my generation that I’ve ever met and, with the creation of this game from concept to product, have raised the bar for anyone who’s ever had an idea worth running with.

Developed for iPad (with an iPhone version to follow by the end of September I’m reliably informed), the game, Thinklings Space Rescue, challenges players to fly a starship called Blue Shift using your finger to touch the screen to avoid the evil Slumlords in an attempt to rescue the Thinklings. I’m not very technologically minded, but standing in a car park while a local rock band murdered a set full of well-known tunes while my index finger piloted a bright blue spaceship, I realised that these two gentlemen had me addicted to their creation and I was in absolute awe of the remarkable skills they both possessed. Technology is the future that we can already see and in the hands of people like Simon and Stewart, will be a colourful and highly entertaining experience for everyone involved. For more information and a chance to see the finished product, visit

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